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Sketch v. 66, n. 2, Spring 2002

Sketch v. 66, n. 2, Spring 2002


Sketch v. 66, n. 2, Spring 2002


Sketch is a literary journal written, edited and published by Iowa State University students since 1934.
Necessity by Pete Karagianis 7;
Alison Jupiter by Nora Wendl 23;
The Things You Remember by Cedric Collins 28;
Visions by Cedric Collins 71;
What My Lyes Can't See by Adam GreenField 95;
It Is My Summer of Four Best Friends by Laura Wiseman 43;
Nickel Night by Nora Wendl 78;
Generation 90s by Denise Kamm 20;
Let Down by the Year 2000 by Cedric Collins 21;
Landscape by Emily Woline 25;
Sunrise by Amanda Green 26;
Patchwork Phoenix by Emily Woline 31;
Reconstructing Barbie by Amanda Green 34;
Sunday by Amanda Green 35;
On Giving Blood by Jason Koepp 36;
Tour by Jason Koepp 37;
Suspended by Emily Woline 40;
Fever by Jason Koepp 41;
Gone by Jason Koepp 41;
You May Keep Your Nickel by Mark Munger 42;
Beginnings by Pete Karagianis 61;
Lunch at Hawthorn Market by Sarah Bolton 64;
Lent Lament by Erin Elizabeth McConnell 65;
Lupus by Erin Elizabeth McConnell 67;
Ode to my Keloid by Erin Elizabeth McConnell 69;
Untitled by Erin Elizabeth McConnell 70;
Speculation by Jennv Brooks 75;
Line F by Mark Munger 76;
Grandpa bv Mark Munger 77;
Lessons by Pete Karagianis 93;
Art & Photography;
Self Portrait by Amanda Hess 19;
Blanket of Snow by Eric Rowley 22;
Oops by Jen Merk 27;
Untitled by Joshua Bowers 33;
Blue by Amanda Hess 38;
Unknown World II by Kristina Dvorak 39;
Unfound Beauty by Jeff Novak 60;
Vanishing Point by Eric Rowley 73;
Rocket by Eric Rowley 74;
It by Heidi Kleckner-Standridge 92;
Who Am I? by Heidi Kleckner-Standridge 100


Bolton, Sara; Bowers, Joshua; Brooks, Jenny; Collins, Cedric; Dvorak, Kristina; Green, Amanda; Greenfield, Adam; Hess, Amanda; Kamm, Denise; Karagianis, Pete; Kleckner-Standridge, Heidi; Koepp, Jason; McConnell, Elizabeth; Merk, Jen; Munger, Mark; Novak, Jeff; Rowley, Eric; Wendl, Nora; Wiseman, Laura; Woline, Emily


LH1 Sk3 v. 66, n. 2


Iowa State University Library Special Collections;


2002 Spring


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