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Sketch v. 64, n. 1, Fall 1999

Sketch v. 64, n. 1, Fall 1999


Sketch v. 64, n. 1, Fall 1999


Sketch is a literary journal written, edited and published by Iowa State University students since 1934.
The Day Sparky Didn't Die Danielle Hughson 5;
The Stark Glass Jar J.L. Hisel 23;
Image Kata Alvidrez 30;
The thing about a truck stop Josh Raulerson 58;
Antiquarium April N. Goodwin 72;
The Game Mickey Tekippe 77;
The Cold Shoulder and Other Treatments Kristen Gullicks 96;
I Saw Her Herb Sawyer 33;
Giant Forest Melanie Dylan Fox 34;
Sleight Tarisa Matsumoto 12;
Reformation Tarisa Matsumoto 102;
Epitaph For One Who Should Be Dead But Lives in California Kata Alvidrez 15;
We Wimmin Kata Alvidrez 68;
Schizophrenic Shed Anne Pepper 21;
Slush Anne Pepper 94;
Untitled Leslie Saele 27;
One Brown Banana Leslie Saele 51;
Defining the Vending Machine and the Direct Consequences of Swallowing Todd B. Maxfield 31;
Jim Jones Roller Derby Todd B. Maxfield 93;
The Piano Danielle Hughson 48;
The Dance of the Ritual Scar Sean Whalen 86;
Caught Staring Jason Schissel 88;
Transformation: Prickle the Clown dissected by the score to Titus Matthew J. McGrane 11;
Millers Fish House Chad Wielage 17;
My Seventh Son Chad Wielage 55;
Rembrandt Study Chad Wielage 71;
Face One Jamin Buntenback 18;
Face Two Jamin Buntenback 19;
Face Three Jamin Buntenback 20;
Relish Emily Greazel 26;
Seeing Nothing of the Wonders as They Went Curt Lund 29;
Untitled Anna Danneman 50;
Three Sails Erin Mork 53;
Encompassed Endlessly Jennifer Kruse 54;
Tied Down ... No Turning Back Jessi Spaulding 56;
Untitled Alesa Jensen 57;
Grass Kim Graper 89;
Heritage Tabitha Kinser 90;
Exotic View of Beardshear Hall Heidi Kleckner 91;
Night Lights Megan Marker 92;
The Messenger Alexa Sibley 104


Alvidrez, Kata; Buntenbach, Jamin; Dannerman, Anna; Fox, Melanie Dylan; Goodwin, April N.; Graper, Kim; Greazel, Emily; Gullicks, Kristen; Hisel, J.L.; Hughson, Danielle; Jensen, Alesa; Kinser, Tabitha; Kleckner, Heidi; Kruse, Jennifer; Lund, Curt; Marker, Megan; Matsumoto, Tarisa; Maxfield, Todd B.; McGrane, Matthew J.; Mork, Erin; Pepper, Anne; Raulerson, Josh; Saele, Leslie; Sawyer, Herb; Schissel, Jason; Sibley, Alexa; Spaulding, Jessi; Tekippe, Mickey; Whalen, Sean; Wielage, Chad


LH1 Sk3 v. 64, n. 1


Iowa State University Library Special Collections;


1999 Fall


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