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Sketch v. 61, Spring 1996

Sketch v. 61, Spring 1996


Sketch v. 61, Spring 1996


Sketch is a literary journal written, edited and published by Iowa State University students since 1934.
A Mote to the Reader 2;
Krystal Hughes Light 3;
Gregory Parks Inner Beauty 4, Bitter Reckoning 5;
T. Shannon Tydn Church, Praha, 1995 6;
Mok, Siu-Kwan Bedtime Stories 7;
Cherri Donath Inner Notebooks 11, Rainy Day 14;
Anne Pepper Fun-Top 15;
Christian Schilling How? 16;
T. Shannon Washington Monument, Washington, D.C., 1991 17;
Christian Schilling Love Sonnet? 18;
D. Schoppe Untitled 19;
Danielle Rust The Island 20;
Dave Hoy Cows are Characters 21;
George L. Pitcher III Untitled 22, Untitled 23, Untitled 24, Untitled 25;
Dave Hoy Toys 26;
Carta Homeister WINGS 28, EMERGENCY ROOM RUN 30;
Casey Green one woman s braids 32, Longing 33, winter drowning 34;
Kel Munger Meditation on the Memorial Union Parking Ramp 35;
Christopher James Shikantaza 36;
Stephanie Murphy Untitled 37;
Stacy Thieszen Trumpet Love 38;
Jason Ellingson Words 40;
Stephanie Murphy Untitled 44;
Rhoda Preston HUMAN SACRIFICE 45;
D. Schoppe Untitled 49;
George L. Pitcher III Untitled 50, Untitled 51;
Anthony Ames Eddie Things 52;
Joshua R. Holt Luke and the Mystic Pickle 69;
George L. Pitcher III Untitled 70, Untitled 71, Untitled 72, Untitled 73;
Eddie McNally Bedlam 74;
Credits 98


Ames, Anthony; Donath, Cherri; Ellingson, Jason; Green, Casey; Holt, Joshua R.; Homeister, Carla; Hoy, Dave; Hughes, Krystal; James, Christopher; McNally, Eddie; Munger, Kel; Murphy, Stephanie; Parks, Gregory; Pepper, Anne; Pitcher, George L. III; Preston, Rhoda; Rust, Danielle; Schilling, Christian; Schoppe, D.; Shannon, T.; Siu-Kwan, Mok; Thieszen, Stacy


LH1 Sk3 v. 61


Iowa State University Library Special Collections;


1996 Spring


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