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Erica Bazemore interviewed by Nanette Barkey about the Midwest floods of June 2008, Iowa City, Iowa, October 9, 2008

Erica Bazemore interviewed by Nanette Barkey about the Midwest floods of June 2008, Iowa City, Iowa, October 9, 2008


Erica Bazemore interviewed by Nanette Barkey about the Midwest floods of June 2008, Iowa City, Iowa, October 9, 2008


Interview Erica Bazemore (25) of Washington, D.C.
Bazemore (age 25) tells University of Iowa Assistant Professor of Anthropology Nanette Barkey how the flooding affected two summer programs with which she was involved - The Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program and the Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROT). Bazemore remembers the suspension of these programs resulting in the students returning home. Additionally, Bazemore recounts these programs being reinstated, many students returning to Iowa City and successfully completing the programs within limited time constraints.
Graduate student working with summer programs for minorities to be housed in Mayflower - moved to Currier (00:01:21) -- Continuation of summer program in doubt, students eager to help protect university facilities, helped with sandbagging (00:02:54) -- Graduate college decided to end program, students upset had to leave by next day. Students continued to email, concern for program facilitators (00:04:03) -- Decision to resume program but students had to find own housing, about 25 (half) did return. Difficulty in finding housing, some students stayed with advisors (00:06:31) -- Only four weeks to conduct research and make presentations. Working overtime to complete projects (00:07:56) -- Conference with other Big 10 schools, other conference members gave standing ovation, "school cheers" (00:09:31) -- Iowa school spirit very meaningful (00:11:21) -- One student received an award, stayed with Erica, was last student to return to program [after the flood] (00:12:53) -- Students more concerned with how to carry forward with research, good preparation for graduate school (00:14:41) -- Some students became very interested in attending Iowa (00:16:01) -- Many students from primarily African American schools. One was in Louisiana during hurricane Katrina. The student worked for FEMA (00:16:31) -- Did southern-style meal and open mic night at a restaurant (00:18:26) -- One student leader, started Bible study, led the student cheer (00:19:36) -- Meetings unaffected, once everything was in place students had to leave (00:21:26) -- Students saw waters rising, concerned about program. Many parents calling, didn't realize how bad things would get. No opportunity to say goodbye to students (00:23:13) -- Waiting for possibility of students leaving. Loss of electricity in dorm (00:25:17) -- Erica's family calls, concerns about transportation (00:26:51) -- Still had contact with students who did not return. Would be pre-admitted for next programs. Some students couldn't find housing (00:28:31) -- Some professors had been affected and could no longer work with students (00:29:39) -- When program resumed, uncertainty about content provided to students (00:31:33) -- Students helped to sandbag, taking on things by themselves (00:32:45) -- Student housing search through Facebook (00:34:15)


Bazemore, Erica


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Barkey, Nanette; Harder, Chris


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