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Chae Centeno and Cole Cheney interview about the Midwest floods of June 2008, Coralville, Iowa, October 11, 2008

Chae Centeno and Cole Cheney interview about the Midwest floods of June 2008, Coralville, Iowa, October 11, 2008


Chae Centeno and Cole Cheney interview about the Midwest floods of June 2008, Coralville, Iowa, October 11, 2008


Interview with college students Chae Centeno (22) of Ottumwa, Iowa and Cole Cheney (19) of West Des Moines, Iowa
Chae Centeno and Cole Cheney recall living in Iowa City as college students during the floods. Cheney recalls that the new student orientation service at the university was suspended because of the floods. Centeno and Cheney recall the impact of flooding on their summer plans.
Cheney is an orientation advisor for the university. As soon as first group of new students arrived the water started to rise (00:00:40) -- Centeno had surgery at the time of the flood. Not really doing much at the time because of this. He could not take a bus or car, he had to walk several blocks to get to Cheney's fraternity house. He had no electricity or running water (00:01:00) -- Cheney had same experience as Centeno: no electricity or running water. Cheney and Centeno lived for a week together in a small apartment that had running water but no electricity or Internet (00:04:02) -- Centeno had trouble with his injury, he did not help with sandbagging. He had trouble getting around (00:07:29) -- Centeno conserves water by going to the bar (00:10:06) -- Upset about the 24 hour news coverage of the flood. Didn't show important NBA game on television (00:11:07) -- Centeno and Cheney had radio show at the university, were not able to do the radio show over the summer (00:12:00) -- Centeno did not have Accounting class for a week (00:15:00) -- Centeno and Cheney experienced the smell of the floodwater and increased mosquitoes (00:17:00) -- Centeno learned that people come together and help each other out during the flood. Cheney interacted with new types of people (00:19:00) -- Didn't pay attention to flood warnings on television the week before the flood. The university notified students/faculty that it was not advisable to come to campus (00:20:48) -- Centeno felt depressed because the flood prevented him from doing many things over the summer (00:24:03) -- Cheney recounts the university orientation's calling program. It is designed to get the students excited about coming to the university. The calling program ended up notifying students that they could not visit the university because of the flood. Some students and parents were concerned. Cheney reassured them it would be alright (00:28:20) --Feel more connected to the university and the community (00:34:00) -- Think that it is okay that the national news stopped covering the flood, but think that stopping coverage may be bad because people still need help to recover from flood damages (00:35:00) -- During the flood, Centeno and Cheney only had one magazine to share in the apartment when not playing video games (00:38:00) -- Centeno was first excited about the flood, but soon became annoyed (00:40:08) -- Centeno hopes to move out of the flood-affected area. Cheney does not believe it is a good idea to live near the river (00:43:25)


Centeno, Chae; Cheney, Cole


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