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Courtney Cable and Stephen Cable interview about the Midwest floods of June 2008, Coralville, Iowa, October 9, 2008

Courtney Cable and Stephen Cable interview about the Midwest floods of June 2008, Coralville, Iowa, October 9, 2008


Courtney Cable and Stephen Cable interview about the Midwest floods of June 2008, Coralville, Iowa, October 9, 2008


Interview with wife and husband Courtney Cable (28) of Blue Earth, Minnesota and Stephen Cable (31) of Sioux City, Iowa
Courtney and Stephen Cable recall the problems they encountered trying to hold their wedding ceremony the weekend of the floods. The ceremony was moved three times. The ceremony ended up taking place in their new home. The couple remembers a strong storm during the wedding after-party that forced everyone inside their very warm home. The couple also recounts the difficulty of friends and family attempting to attend the wedding ceremony.
Wedding was going to be on campus at Danforth Chapel (00:00:30) -- Wednesday before flood the wedding was moved to the Marriot Hotel. Couple worried because this hotel is also right on the river. Stephen's parents were sandbagging (00:00:59) -- "It was crazy" - Water all around the Marriot Hotel (00:02:30) -- Couple just bought a house, so wedding would be moved to their backyard. The rehearsal dinner turned into a meeting to plan the wedding all over again (00:03:11) -- Wondering about tables and chairs for wedding. Sonya Hunt helps provide them. Stephen attempts to figure out logistics of still having the wedding that weekend (00:04:16) -- Stephen needs a keyboard to make wedding invitations. Things previously taken for granted become apparent (00:05:54) -- "More than just wedding jitters." Friday the 13th is a fitting day for all that went wrong for the wedding planning (00:06:40) -- Courtney's mother expected her to be stressed. She was freaking out (00:07:40) -- "I started crying." It was overwhelming. Expresses feelings of wanting to help out more for the flood but unable to because of wedding (00:08:15) -- Our officiate, Sarah, lived on Riverside Dr., she was being flooded out of her house, we let her move into our house. At the wedding, all the people at our house was crazy (00:09:30) -- A sense of hopelessness, no control, you take whatever control you can (00:10:24) -- Crazy that Sarah could be flooded out of her house (00:11:01) -- Morning of the wedding, Stephen had to drive across town to print off wedding programs (00:11:30) -- Stephen was sort of glad he was not asked to help move Information Technology equipment from university buildings, but he couldn't help with the wedding taking up his time (00:12:30) -- "How do people get here?" Friends and family were concerned about being unable to get to Iowa City. It took a bridesmaid ten hours to get to Iowa City from Minneapolis (00:13:57) -- Friends from Los Angeles worried about being stranded in Des Moines, where they flew into (00:15:20) -- Planned for 130 people at the wedding. Fifty people showed up. The wedding was small, but thought it was nice to avoid a big wedding anyway (00:15:40) -- Still looked and felt like a wedding, except the groomsmen tuxedos weren't delivered (00:16:40) -- No dance with Courtney's dad at the wedding reception, which was sad (00:17:20) -- Rain, hail, wind blowing forced everyone at the wedding indoors (00:17:50) -- Very humid with everyone in the house, very hot (00:18:50) -- The couple had only been in Iowa City for a month before the wedding (00:19:00) -- For the honeymoon the couple took a cruise. It's ironic to get away from everything and spend some time on the water (00:19:30) -- Everyone's willingness to step in and help get everything done for the wedding - mowing, clearing the backyard (00:20:18) -- Sanya Hunt took care of the food and catering. She "just made it look beautiful." A friend went to Wal-Mart and bought champagne glasses (00:22:30) -- Everyone was trying to help everyone else out (00:23:30) -- Iowa City likes to sell itself as a place where everyone helps each other. I can't leave this place (00:24:06) -- It is frustrating to hear that the Jackson Pollock painting may be sold to recover the costs of flood damage at the university (00:25:40) -- Realized that the flood was going to a problem when Courtney and a friend went to see a movie one week before the wedding. The water was lapping over a bridge (00:26:37) -- Stephen realized the flood was a problem when friends were in town. He was going to meet them for drinks, rain was coming down in sheets, there was tons of lightning. "This has got to stop at one point, it is not sustainable, it will end up in a natural disaster" (00:27:50) -- Courtney is convinced she has psychic dreams about the floods (00:30:00) -- The whole experience highlighted what was already important - family and friends…and stockpiling food (00:31:00) -- Everyone wants to have validation that friends and family will be there for you during your wedding. The flood made this even more apparent (00:31:50)


Cable, Courtney; Cable, Stephen


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