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Publications, Broadcasting, Journalists (2/3)

Iowa Journalists Oral Histories

Contributor: University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communication

The Iowa Journalists Oral History Project is the world's first video-streaming online repository of interviews with American journalists. The Project chose to interview Iowa reporters, editors, photographers and publishers at small, medium and large Iowa newspapers.


Cornell College bookplate

Iowa Libraries: Bookplates

Contributors: State Library of Iowa

This collection is a collaborated effort to showcase Iowa libraries throughout the state which may have examples of unique, interesting, and/or local bookplates.

Bookplates come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, and have been commissioned for a variety of purposes. The State Library is excited to collect a variety of bookplates that will highlight the rich diversity of library culture in the state.

Iowa State University Library Cookbook Collection

Contributor: Iowa State University, Special Collections

Over the past century, many towns, organizations, and churches in Iowa have gathered recipes from members and published them, essentially preserving and documenting the culinary heritage of this state.  These cookbooks often contain family recipes, ethnic dishes, and history about the organization or area.  The Iowa State University Library is working to preserve these valuable wells of social history for use by future generations in understanding Iowa culture and history. This is a sampling of the cookbooks that are in the Iowa State University Library Special Collections

...A Book By Its Cover (film)

Iowa State University Library Video Collection

Contributor: Iowa State University, Special Collections

This collection contains two videos. One is on Nikita Khrushchev's visit to Iowa in 1959. The other is a film called "A Book by its Cover". The film depicts the art of bookbinding in leather with gold inlay.

Iowa State University - CYpubs

Contributor: Iowa State University, Special Collections

This is a miscellaneous collection of historical documents written over the years about the early years of Iowa State University.