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1941 Yearbook

1941 Yearbook


1941 Yearbook


Top Row—Bonino, Fitzgerald, Brus, Weeg, Johnston, Julious, Krueper, Eiseiein. Miersonne, Lapka.
Second Row— Maas, Quilty, Hymer, Neff, Hess, Collins, J. Grennan, Cerretti, LaPointe, Tracy, Hooger-
werf. Front Row—Janick, Baumert, Faasnacht, Barron, Carton, Driscoll, Schneider, Pigoni, Bourscheidt.
dramatic club . . . Paul Blough, manager of the athletic department . . . Gene
Eiselein and Ed Weeg, of the Ambrosian singing quartet . . . and so down the line
. . . There were others, known and unknown, who did their bit to make the campus
world go round.
In scholastics, too, the juniors excelled. Bob Carlton, Moline, Illinois; and Jack
Nagle were two of the three Ambrosians to attain a straight-A card for the first
semester. There were others equally great in their studies.
The class was also actively represented in the preparations for the Homecoming
festivities, some as team captains of the wood-gathering crews, some in the marching,
and others in preparations for the Freshman Mixer.
Officers and members of the Junior Class, working in unison with senior class officers and members of the Council, obtained the greatest "name band" in our prom
history, Art Kassell's, for the annual affairs which received a luxurious airing at the
Top-Hat Ballroom in LeClaire Hotel, Moline.
Dan Rafferty and Bob Walter were class representatives to the Student Council.




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