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1941 Yearbook

1941 Yearbook


1941 Yearbook


JUNIOR CLASS ROBERT WALTER President JOHN NAGEL Vice-President JOE LA CESA Secretary-Treasurer
The Junior class was led in its slate of activities for 1940-41 by class president
Robert Walter of Davenport. Jack Nagle, Davenport, served as vice-president and
Joe LaCesa of Chicago was chosen secretary-treasurer. Countless juniors were
leaders of various campus clubs and activities. There was Roy Glendenning, Clinton,
Iowa, serving the final semester as president of the Holy Name Society . . . Harvey
Matthiesen, Davenport, at the helm of the Science Club . . . Bob Carton, Moline,
Illinois, filling the vice-presidential post for the Monogram Club . . . Joe LaCesa,
Chicago, as Editor of the newspaper and of the yearbook, and technical advisor
for the college magazine . . . Dan Rafferty, a standout in dramatics, heading the
staff of Ambrosian announcers and serving as President for the Ambrosian Players
Top Row—J. E. Martin, Matthiesen, Holtkamp, Shapiro, Monnier, Sosnouski, Murray, Sullivan, Ryan
Cummerford, LaCesa.
Second Row—Leahy, VanWeltzinga, Zost, Gimbel, Morgan, O'M-alley, Coppetelli, McCarthy.
Front Row—Ander, Kutsunis, Hagen, Blough, Rafferty, Weltering.




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