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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


Manning Club
President Charles Shepler
Vice-President Paul Clunan
Secretary Edward Greer
Treasurer William Morgan
Sergeant-at-Arms James Driscoll
Faculty Advisor Rev. E. M. O'Connor
The Manning Club is composed of the ecclesiastical students of St. Ambrose College and is one of the oldest groups
on the campus. It was organized when St. Ambrose was strictly a seminary for the purpose of preparing priests for the
Davenport diocese.
The purpose of the group is to further interest and ability
on the part of the ecclesiastical students in speaking and debating. The club was active throughout the entire year doing
considerable research on the subject of debate. The information regarding this subject was collected by the individual members of the unite and then pooled together for the use
of all the students.
The Manning Club has its own individual recreation room
in one wing of Ambrose Hall, and in addition has its own




St. Ambrose University, 518 W. Locust St., Davenport, IA 52803