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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


President Marion Judge
Vice-President John McConville
During the scholastic year, 1925-1926, the Student Council was organized
in the College department. The purpose of this organization is to cooperate
with the faculty in the administration of all matters pertaining to the student
body. It tends to better the morale of the students by placing on their shoulders
a share of the responsibility in managing their affairs and gives them an opportunity for self-expression, either personally, or through their representatives.
The greatest single piece of work done by the Council this year was the
writing of a Constitution, the first in the history of the organization. It was
ordained for the purpose of giving more equal representation among the
day scholars and the boarding students, and to increase the efficiency in
carrying out their duties of those elected to office.
Membership in the Council was radically changed by the provisions of
the document. The president of each class automatically is a member of the
Council. Each organized group recognized by the college and the Council
is allowed one representative to be elected by the club members. Each fifty
boarding students and each fifty day scholars have one representative.
The Council has wide powers chief among which are the supervison of
frosh initiations, supervision of Council and class elections, and supervision




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