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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


Some one hundred and eighty seven freshmen registered at St. Ambrose
in September, 1939, to make one of the largest classes in the history of the
school. Despite the fact that there was a decided increase in the number of
boarding students the record set in 1936 was not broken because there was a
corresponding decrease among the day scholars.
The first duty of the freshman was to buy a green cap and prepare himself
to submit to the "tortures" of the upperclassmen, particularly the sophomores
who were greatly impressed with their own new position in the student body.
In addition to enforced attendance at impromptu "bull sessions" the freshmen had several definitely outlined duties which they were expected to fulfill.
They were required to wear their green caps at all times, and the chapeaux
were worn on the top of the head, and not on either side because in this tilted
position they looked too "cute" and they were supposed to look what they
Freshmen were required to carry out the traditional practice of buttoning
when it was requested by an upperclassman; they had to carry matches at
Top Row: Lakers, Weindruch, Leibovitz, O'Dea, Malieres, Chaplis, Walter, F., Noth,
Middle Row: Nix, Walton, Lenahan, Micheel, Moran, Swanwick, Kuhlmeier, Sullivan, W.,
Bottom Row: Pesses, Gellerman, Dempsey, Cunning, Herrmann, Egan, Brown, Zaleski,
Malires, W.




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