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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


Top Row: Sullivan, L., Bradley, Fassnacht, McCarthy, Krueper, Hansen, K., Hartman,
Quilty, Zost, Weeg
Middle Row: McNeil, Holtkamp, Cerretti, H., Justen, Johnston, H., Leahy, Enemark,
Bottom Row: Keppy, Verbeck, Van Wetzinga, Porth, Baumert, Waltering, Conway, J.,
Pigoni, Heymer
Top Row: Bourscheidt, Boning, Ryan, C, Utzig, Otten, Huber, Coppotelli, Lapka
Middle Row: LaCesa, Altvorst, Matthiesen, Steinmetz, Wolff, Schroeder, Clapp, Yunker
Bottom Row: DiMarco, Blough, Zoller, Ryan, Hoffman, Malpede, Bates, R., Minkler
Some one hundred and fifty members of the sophomore class discarded
the simplicity of their freshman days last September and assumed the dignity
of upperclassmen. The second year men were primarily interested in seeing
that the new freshmen were properly introduced to college life but aside
from their duties as executioners they found time to participate in several
campus activities.
In their election held early in October, Gene Eiselein, Chattanooga, Tennessee, was chosen president of the group. Louis Sullivan, Carthage, Illinois,
football player, was selected as vice-president, while Odell Heymer of Nashville, Tennessee, won the secretary-treasurer's office. Bob O'Brien, Chicago,




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