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1940 Yearbook

1940 Yearbook


1940 Yearbook


mediate arguments between freshmen and upperclassmen in the matter of
initiation. Several juniors were in charge of the final night of freshmen
The newly-adopted Constitution of the student body was the work of Jack
Hansen, a junior class representative on the Council. The document was six
months in the making and it was through the efforts of Hansen that the final
draft was ratified by the faculty and the students in April.
Several of the officers of the various campus organizations were listed as
juniors. Robert Frank, a member of this class, served as president of the
Science Club, an office restricted to members of the third year class.
The work of making most of the preparations for the Junior-Senior Prom
fell to the juniors under the leadership of Livingston. Working in unison
with the officers of the senior class and the members of the Council the juniors
played an important part in sponsoring the outstanding Prom in the history
of St. Ambrose dances. For the first time a "name" band was secured for
the dance, George Hamilton and his famous orchestra being engaged to
play for the Prom which was held at th£ Country Club.
Top Row: Hansen, Ander, Barkan, Hart, Cerretti, P., Allen, Schnitger, Kane, McGivern,
O'Connor, J.
Middle Row: Livingston, Haworth, Mulvaney, Macaluso, Kerasiotis, Elliott, Klein,
Young, Brugman, Davis, Shepherd
Bottom Roiv: Moskowitz, Bridge, Quinn, O'Connor, E., Carey, Fulrath, Niedergeses,
Barnett, Lenoch




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