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1983 Yearbook

1983 Yearbook


1983 Yearbook


Moving Down
The Court
And Shooting
For The Best
By Feb. 10, 1983, the St. Ambrose Basketball Bees were in the top ten in the
nation for scoring averages. During
the winter they were averaging 92.6
percent points per game. At the beginning of February the Bees stood at 17
wins and 11 losses.
Coach Dean Brunson.
Front row: John Bagley, Greg Heaton, Mitch Myers, Jerome
Lipes Matt Connell and Robert Wordlow. Back row: Head Coach
Dean Brunson, Tom Sokolik, Kevin Dunne, Brian Officer,
Marty Smith, Dave Smykowski, Greg Dow and assistants Kevin
Farrell and Ray Shovlain.




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