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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


Shirk : "These doughnuts are just like Mother makes at home."
Bush : "Yes, sir, they are in one detail."
Shirk : "And what's that?"
Bush : "The hole is the same."
Dan Hannon : "Say, you know I'm getting mighty careless about financial matters."
Fr. Takkenburg : "How's that, Dan?"
Dan : "Why, when I hand the conductor a dime for carfare I seem to forget to
count the change he returns to me." (Nine-cent fare.)
We still insist that we voted the right way in the recent election, but the great mistake was that too many people voted the wrong way.
This Was Overheard in the Boobological Hall Recently
"Can you sing 'Whispering'?"
"No, you nut, whispering is not singing."
"Who said it was?"
"You did."
"I did not; I said it was a song."
"Well, if whispering is a song, then talking must be a chorus."
"Don't get funny ; I asked you a simple question."
"Yes, very simple. Can you whisper singing? Of course you can't. Neither can
you talk laughing."
"If you don't—?*!|$ Never mind, pick up the marbles."
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