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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


Striking Resemblance
Maloney answered the door bell and the visitor asked : : "Do you happen to be one
of the professors?"
Barnes' pet expression : KIN-E-GO-TO-A-SHOW?
"T. Lew," said a "boob", "will be a great doctor some day."
"Why?" said another "boob".
"He has found a 'Neufield' of medicine," replied the first.
To Elmer
Lizzie had a little cold—
It started in his head—
And everywhere that Lizzie went
That cold was sure to spread.
It followed him to school one day,
'Twas not against the rule ;
It made the children cough and sneeze
To have that cold in school.
The teacher tried to drive it out ;
He tried hard, but—kachoo—
It didn't do a bit of good ;
The teacher caught it, too.
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