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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


Quite So, Watson, Quite So
Sternberg : "Behold me in the flower of manhood."
Murphy : "Yes, you blooming idiot."
Too Good for Some
Fottrel : "I wonder why they hung that picture?"
Nolan : "Perhaps they couldn't find the artist."
Some Speed
Fr. Takkenberg : "Eddie, what is the speed of the earth?"
West : "It goes around the sun."
That Will Do, Hynes
Barney rushes into the room and exclaims : "What's that stuff they've got on the
sidewalk going up-stairs?"
The Bloomin' Bloke
Prof, in Physics : "O'Hair, what is the theory of Magnetic Induction?"
O'Hair comes right back with : "That's where all the monocles line up in perfect
The Optimist
E. Hines : "A bald man has an easy time combing his hair."
H. Britt : "Whaduya mean, easy time?"
Hines : "It has permanently parted."
At the Columbia
"My happiness is on the blink," said Harold McCabe to Jordan as he watched the
eyes of the vamp on the stage.
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