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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


Dr. T. S. Cunningham, D. D. S.
As we are speaking a few words of praise for many of our older Alumni, we feel that we
should also do the same for one of Davenport's most promising young dentists—Dr. T. S.
Dr. Cunningham graduated from the Academic Department in the year of 1915. At the beginning of the following fall team he entered the Dentistry Department of the State University
of Iowa. After spending three years in Iowa's greatest College of Dentistry, he graduated in
the spring of 1918. While at the University he was very popular and took a great interest in
social affairs. He was a member of the fraternity of Phi Kappas to which few, if any, unpopular students are admitted.
Before the young dentist could settle down to business, he felt that he must join the vast army
that was then in the thick of battle. He proceeded to join the Dental Corps and as the armistice
was signed the following autumn, he did not get to remain long in the service of his country
and was discharged, having assisted his country only ten months. After he came back he located
with Dr. J. A. Kerrigan, D. D. S., with whom he is now associated in the Putnam Building.
Since his beginning as a civilian dentist, his practice has grown into one of the best in the city,
and is steadily increasing because the patients of Dr. Cunningham realize his fine work and
courteous treatment, which is the foundation of success in this line.
The U. S. Public Health Service has realized the fine work the young doctor has been doing
and has appointed him as Dental Examiner in that service for the territory including the cities of
Clinton, Iowa City, Dubuque, and many other large cities in this section of the state. We, as
well as Dr. Cunningham, realize what an honor it is to hold this position, since there is only one
dentist appointed for the district.
In conclusion, we take pleasure in the name of his Alma Mater and the Alumni of St. Ambrose,
in congratulating Dr. Cunningham on his splendid success and wish him many more years of
excellent success in the future.
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