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1921 Yearbook

1921 Yearbook


1921 Yearbook


It has been one purpose of the Alumni Editor of '21 to
bring back the memories of classmates of former days.
Perhaps some have forgotten ; if so, please do not think of
it as malice toward any one. Another purpose of the
Editor of this Department is to let the readers of this
book know that St. Ambrose is proud of her boys mentioned in these short accounts, and that she desires to
bcost them to the extent of her ability.
We wish to beg the pardon of any one concerning whom
any error has been made. If your name has been omitted
we beg of you to make it known to the Alumni Editor of
'22. He will gladly accept it and try to do you justice in
the Ambrosian of that year. Help us to make this Department the biggest and best. We want your help ; without it we can do little. Perhaps some records are lost ; the
only way we may find them is by your thoughtfulness.
The accounts rendered in this section of the Ambrosian
are intended to be true and reliable, in so far as the
knowledge available permits.
In conclusion we wish the readers of this book and the
Alumni of St. Ambrose College, the most prosperous and
bountiful year they have ever had.
Gilbert Watters,
Alumni Editor '21.
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