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Sketch v. 73, n. 2, Spring 2009

Sketch v. 73, n. 2, Spring 2009


Sketch v. 73, n. 2, Spring 2009


Sketch is a literary journal written, edited and published by Iowa State University students since 1934.
FICTION; Something to Believe In Molly McDonald pg 15; Handwriting Julie Young pg 16; No Way Out Nate Pillman pg 23; Dear Keri Renae Oakes pg 33; The Red Suitcase Renae Oakes pg 42; Stages Karina Sturdevant pg 49; First Response Tyler Baird pg 64; Antiques Noah Uitermark pg 66; NONFICTION; Numbered Caitlin Johnson pg 78; Rice vs. Evil Melanie Adam pg 82; The Social Worker's Kid Kendra Kavan pg 88; Revelation Logan McDonald pg 93; Putting Life on a Pedestal pg 99; POETRY; Tender Underbellies J. Marlo Madsen pg 105; Clouds Over Cornfields (Mid-July) J. Marlo Madsen pg 106; I Think I'm Addicted J. Marlo Madsen pg 107; Old Lovers Erin Vander Linden pg 108; I saw a man chased after suns Adam InTae Gerard pg 109; Idol Flynn McCullough pg 110; The Image of a Rain Drop Jasmine Swyningan pg 112; rock paper scissors Molly McDonald pg 114; All Windows Molly McDonald pg 115; The Backstage View of a Bipolar Carly Sitzmann pg 116; Brad Ben Arzate pg 117; VISUALS; And She Denied Her DNA Carly Sitzmann pg 13; Alley Caitlin Johnson pg 31; Rear View Caitlin Johnson pg 32; Untitled Comic Andy Michels pg 68; Slinkie Molly Germaine Clark pg 76; Tokyo Police Club Molly Germaine Clark pg 87; Guardian Zach Halma pg 103; Jessi's Feet By a Puddle Jill Thomasson pg 111; Loudog Jill Thomasson pg 118; Mom and Her Make-up Jill Thomasson pg 119


Adam, Melanie; Arzate, Ben; Baird, Tyler; Clark, Molly Germaine; Gerard, Adam InTae; Halma, Zach; Johnson, Caitlin; Kavan, Kendra; Madsen, J. Marlo; McCullough, Flynn; McDonald, Logan; McDonald, Molly; Michels, Andy; Nagel, Matthew H.; Oakes, Renae; Pillman, Nate; Sitzmann, Carley; Sturdevant, Karina; Swyningan, Jasmine; Thomasson, Jill Uitermark, Noah; Vander Linden, Erin; Young, Julie


Archives LH1 Sk3 v. 73, n. 2


Iowa State University Library Special Collections;


2009 Spring


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