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Sketch v. 08, n. 1, May 1941

Sketch v. 08, n. 1, May 1941


Sketch v. 08, n. 1, May 1941


Sketch is a literary journal written, edited and published by Iowa State University students since 1934.
A. D. 1941. A Poem Jean Ross 2;
OF LIFE AND DEATH. A Story Clyde Zimmerman 3;
THE FORKED PATH. A Sketch Jean Ross 6;
PEAR TREE IN DECEMBER. A Poem Helen M. Pundt 7;
SOPHISTICATION. A Story Dorothy Anne Roost 8;
WINTER—FOREVER. A Story Frances P. Holmes 10;
No SENSE OF VALUES. A Sketch Charles R. Wilson 12;
E. HEMINGWAY. A Criticism Hans H. Wendel 13;
I AM NO POEM FOR PAPER. A Poem Richard N. Mason 16;
SOLILOQUY. A Poem Irving A. Spaulding 17;
PSYCHOSIS. A Story Richard N. Mason 18;
MONK'S CREED. A Poem Frances Foster 22;
THE FARMER AND THE POET. A Poem Betty Bice 23;
BEWITCHMENT IN THE VELDT. A Story Mary Roberts 24;
BOWLING. A Poem Halycon Heline 28;
IOWA IN NOVEMBER. A Sketch Evogene G. Wallace 28;
MRS. EGGLESTON. A Story Evogene G. Wallace 29;
Linoleum cuts by Margaret Bates, May Nordine, and
Doris Plagge.


Bates, Margaret; Bice, Betty; Foster, Frances; Heline, Halycon; Holmes, Frances P.; Mason, Richard N.; Nordine, May; Plagge, Doris; Pundt, Helen M.; Roberts, Mary; Roost, Dorothy Anne; Ross, Jean; Spaulding, Irving A.; Wallace, Evogene G.; Wendel, Hans H.; Wilson, Charles R.; Zimmerman, Clyde


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