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Sketch v. 66, n. 1, Fall 2001

Sketch v. 66, n. 1, Fall 2001


Sketch v. 66, n. 1, Fall 2001


Sketch is a literary journal written, edited and published by Iowa State University students since 1934.
Pioneer Square North; Puertas a mi Izquierda... A. Darryl Morton, Jr. 10;
The Holy Order Erin Elizabeth McConnell 27;
Incorrigible Caleb Huitt 51;
A Many-Splendor ed Thing Erin Elizabeth McConnell 43;
Heavy Erin Elizabeth McConnell 73;
Experiment Shane Mocker 24;
Year of the Dead Horse, Day One Tom Thompson 24;
Cloak Margaret Okere 25;
Garbage Lauri Jensen 36;
Atlas Kelly Schwantz 38;
Brooklyn Boy Dreams of Iowa Lauren Alleyne 40;
Tricked Into Watching a Beautiful Snow Fall Jonathan Travis 42;
Lunch Erika Mueller 53;
Joseph Neville Erika Mueller 54;
Unraveling Margaret Okere 55;
addiction Lauri Jensen 56;
Lines Lauri Jensen 57;
Rift Margaret Okere 58;
River Stones Margaret Okere 59;
Untitled Lauri Jensen 60;
Stars Lauri Jensen 62;
A Love Poem Amanda Green 64;
Mr. Bonds Shane Noecker 66;
Strollin' Amanda Green 67;
River Stones Margaret Okere 59;
Salt Mary Henson-Saunders 68;
Lovely Amy Clark 70;
Microcosm 1 Ben Wittry 23;
Out of the Flames Aubrey Wagner 26;
Microcosm 2 Ben Wittry 37;
Bent Foundations Jonathan Travis 39;
Watermelon, Wine and Cake Pan Alesa De Jager 41;
Grandpa Jason Yates 52;
Old Friends Jason Yates 61;
Five Fingers Marianna Jensen 65;
Home Jonathan Travis 69;
Untitled #3 Curt Loter 71;
Castiron Technology Marianna Jensen 72;
Microcosm 3 Ben Wittry 84


Alleyne, Lauren; Clark, Amy; De Jager, Alesa; Green, Amanda; Henson-Saunders, Mary; Huitt, Caleb; Jensen, Lauri; Jensen, Marianna; Loter, Curt; McConnell, Erin Elizabeth; Moton, A. Darryl Jr.; Mueller, Erika; Nocker, Shane; Okere, Margaret; Schwantz, Kelly; Thompson, Tom; Travis, Jonathan; Wagner, Aubrey; Wittry, Ben; Yates, Jason


LH1 Sk3 v. 66, n. 1


Iowa State University Library Special Collections;


2001 Fall


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