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Sketch v. 57, Spring 1992

Sketch v. 57, Spring 1992


Sketch v. 57, Spring 1992


Sketch is a literary journal written, edited and published by Iowa State University students since 1934.
Artifacts Wini Moranville 3;
Sacred Limbs Sue Woods 25;
Safe Money Chris Schweda 49;
The Spies Jose Llerena 9;
Stocking Jubal Tiner 34;
Amos Alta Francis Mitchell Clinton Darla Biefeldt 20;
Belleau Wood Jim Dietz 19;
Did you ever find a granny knife Alicia Patterson 32;
Did you ever wake up late Alicia Patterson 32;
Equality of Pain Raul Flores, Jr. 6;
George Hears Noises Steve Shuman 43;
Looking For Home Jennifer Grace 47;
Misty Bridge Drew Rosielle 59;
No One Nose Eric Pearce 31;
S.R.V. Jerry Archambeau 8;
Signs of Past Battle Todd Vens 19;
The Streets of Vienna Cem Pasinli 8;
You're Some Conversationalist Betsy Ruppert 44;
ChainMale Andy Bouska 29;
City Land's Horizon Chris Adams 44;
Everybody Got Something Donnie Jones 18;
In the Evening When the Day is Done Earl Sund Jr. 33;
Interupted Photograph Tami Lee 60;
Maple Street Teri Guy 14;
Misguidance of Time Patricia Murray 5;
Out on the Farm Kristen Dill 55;
Second Chance Mark Weber 37;
Steamy Soup Kristen McClain 46;
Untitled Steve Eppel 23


Adams, Chris; Archambeau, Jerry; Bielfeldt, Darla; Bouska, Andy; Dietz, Jim; Dill, Kristen; Eppel, Steve; Flores, Raul Jr.; Grace, Jennifer; Guy, Teri; Jones, Donnie; Lee, Tami; Llerena, Jose; McClain, Kristen; Moranville, Wini; Murray, Patricia; Pearce, Eric; Pasinli, Cem; Patterson, Alicia; Rosielle, Drew; Ruppert, Betsy; Schweda, Chris; Shuman, Steve; Stamp, Kristin; Sund, Earl Jr.; Tiner, Jubal; Vens, Todd; Weber, Mark; Woods, Sue


LH1 Sk3 v. 57


Iowa State University Library Special Collections;


1992 Spring


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