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Refrigerated super centrifuge, 1951

Refrigerated super centrifuge, 1951


Refrigerated super centrifuge, 1951


G. F. Hanna, a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry and a research fellow of the Agricultural Experiment Station, showing the refrigerated super centrifuge along with the refrigerated bath. The room was maintained at a temperature just above freezing and was used in preparation and fractionation of proteins, enzymes and other materials of biochemical importance that are frequently unstable at room temperature. The refrigerated bath provided even lower temperatures that might have been required for certain steps in processing. The super centrifuge rotated at speeds up to 50,000 rpm permitting separations not possible in more conventional centrifuges. Materials undergoing centrifugation could be maintained at low temperatures by circulation of coolant through coils from the refrigerated bath. Research conducted in this facility was sponsored primarily by the Agricultural Experiment Station. It was located in the Biophysical Chemistry Laboratories in Chemistry Hall (now Gilman Hall). This image is very similar to no. 1052-3-3.
The Iowa Agricultural College and Model Farm offered chemistry classes to its first classes in 1869. The department was formally established in 1871, and served students in Agriculture, Engineering, Science, Home Economics and Veterinary Medicine. The Chemical and Physical Laboratory was constructed in 1870-1871, and after it burned in 1913, a new building, Chemistry Hall, was built to replace it. Department Chair, Winfred Coover (1914-1944) expanded the teaching system and emphasized independent research throughout World War I and the post-war period. With the advent of the Ames Laboratory and World War II, the Chemistry Department further developed its cutting edge and interdisciplinary research programs in addition to its teaching. In 1973, Chemistry Hall was renamed Gilman Hall, in honor of Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Henry Gilman. The Department also has laboratories, classrooms and offices in Hach Hall. The Chemistry Department is now part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Iowa State University, and also frequently partners with the Ames Laboratory.


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