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Sketch v. 75, n. 2, Spring 2011

Sketch v. 75, n. 2, Spring 2011


Sketch v. 75, n. 2, Spring 2011


Sketch is a literary journal written, edited and published by Iowa State University students since 1934.
FICTION; Changes From You Hayley Scheuring pg 13; At the Bottom Hayley Scheuring pg 16; Chopsticks Jason Arment pg 24; The Dark Surprise Kaylyn Mechem pg 25; Amreekia Ashley Schmuecker pg 27; Sweet Release Ashley Schmuecker pg 31; Cigs Rachel Routier pg 34; Old Man Balls Rachel Routier pg 38; The Life Ectopic Corrie Byrne pg 40; NONFICTION; The Clown and Ross Perot Jason Parry pg 52; A Bewildering Fashion Sean Bruce pg 54; Treestand Michael Champagne pg 56; Insanity of a Tortured High Schooler Diane Walsh pg 57; “Broken Up” is the Right Phrase. I am Broken Diane Walsh pg 60; Golden Eyes Jamie Hoey pg 62; The Blue Door Jamie Hoey pg 65; Do You Remember? Kathryn Knutson pg 69; Supernova Rachel Routier pg 72; POETRY; The Things You Don’t Have Jason Parry pg 76; Deciduous Sam Hackerson pg 77; Gravity Rachel Stern pg 78; Cultural Fanatic Elizabeth Olsen-Hodges pg 80; A Drowning in New Orleans Abby Enabnit pg 82; Spinelessness as an Excuse for Not Saying Sorry Leah Baugh pg 83; M.I.A. Megan Vollstedt pg 84; Tea Time Alyssa Frandsen pg 85; VISUAL ARTS; Reminiscence Krista Nielsen pg 86; Man vs. Nature Alyssa Frandsen pg 87; Take Flight Alyssa Frandsen pg 88; Stuck on You Alyssa Frandsen pg 89; A Table for Two Alyssa Frandsen pg 90; The Space Between Anna Holland pg 91; Feel It All Around You Alyssa Frandsen pg 92; Shadow Over a Wild Land Anna Holland pg 93; Empty Kestrel Henry pg 94; Peace Kestrel Henry pg 95; Lightpaint #3 Lauren Frandsen pg 96; Carrabelle Sunrise Anna Pavlou pg 97; Spring Cleaning Alyssa Frandsen pg 98; Firesparklers Lauren Frandsen pg 99; Sea Soul Searching Anna Pavlou pg 100


Arment, Jason; Baugh, Leah; Bruce, Sean; Byrne, Corrie; Champagne, Michael; Enabnit, Abby; Frandsen, Alyssa; Frandsen, Lauren; Hackerson, Sam; Henry, Kestrel; Hoey, Jamie; Holland, Anna; Knutson, Kathryn; Mechem, Kaylyn; Nielsen, Krista; Olsen-Hodges, Elizabeth; Parry, Jason; Pavlou, Anna; Routier, Rachel; Scheuring, Hayley; Schmuecker, Ashley; Stern, Rachel; Vollstedt, Megan; Walsh, Diane;


Archives LH1 Sk3 v. 75, n. 2


Iowa State University Library Special Collections;


2011 Spring


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