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Sketch v. 60, Spring 1994

Sketch v. 60, Spring 1994


Sketch v. 60, Spring 1994


Sketch is a literary journal written, edited and published by Iowa State University students since 1934.
Saratoga Cheryl Latuner 9;
Violations of the County Code Dianna Hunter 25;
Small Things Betsy Birmingham 37;
The Satyr Jason Wiese 47;
Winnie's Tale Adrienne Lyles 63;
The Sound of Him Walking Michelle Hovet 73;
bonsai Ernest Stableford 87;
Canned Ham Aaron Gindt 93;
Fireflies Lauren Cobb 101;
Zero Return Greg Larson 117;
Watching Water from the Highest Point in Town Tim Trapp 21;
The Farm Kurt Clopton 23;
Out of Gas Somewhere in Nebraska Peter Fadness
Rock and Bird Christy Scoggan 36;
One Short Poem Tim Wiegand 44;
Skin John Ledges 44;
Five Days Now Peter Fadness 60;
Resting Place Neil Dyer 62;
Piling Cord in Uglitch: Russia's Fox Visits William Powley 70;
Homecoming Darla Bielfeldt 84;
The Bait Shop Tim Trapp 91;
Sunday Afternoon Palindrome Martha Greenwald 92;
Friday Afternoon Lecture John Ledges 98;
What We Had to Do Kel Munger 100;
I Envy Fat Women Darla Bielfeldt 113;
Dream of the Bovine Kelly Ann Kuhn 115;
new york casualty Tara Wendel 132;
Cairns Ernest Stableford 135;
My Parents' Farm Aliene Jensen 22;
Baby Yong Kim 24;
Melancholy Kris Waterman 45;
Freeing the Fire Gods Mark Kneeskern 46;
Organic Black Jean E. Jonas 59;
Biosphere Laurie Leininger 61;
Narrative of a Shed Jeff D. Alters 72;
Wish You Were Here Andrew Bouska 83;
Remnants Dave Baggenstoss 86;
Julie's Dirty Laundry Terry Payne 99;
Georgia on My Mind Janice Borgogno Peterson 114;
Princess Yong Kim 116;
Hell Dots Nicole Hartogh 131;
Love and Anger Scott R. Ketchum 133
On Point Janice Borgogno Peterson 134;
Soul Food Thomas Yarbrough 136


Allers, Jeff D.; Baggenstoss, Dave; Bielfeldt, Darla; Birmingham, Betsy; Bouska, Andrew; Clopton, Kurt; Cobb, Lauren; Dyer, Neil; Fadness, Peter; Gindt, Aaron; Greenwald, Martha; Hartogh, Nicole; Hovet, Michelle; Hunter, Dianna; Jensen, Aliene; Jonas, Jean E.; Ketchum, Scott R.; Kim, Yong; Kneeskern, Mark; Kuhn, Kelly Ann; Larson, Greg; Latuner, Cheryl; Ledges, John; Leininger, Laurie; Lyles, Adrienne; Munger, Kel; Payne, Terry; Peterson, Janice Borgogno; Powley, William; Scoggan, Christy; Stableford, Ernest; Trapp, Tim; Waterman, Kris; Wiegand, Tim; Wendel, Tara; Wiese, Jason; Yarbrough, Thomas


LH1 Sk3 v. 60


Iowa State University Library Special Collections;


1994 Spring


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