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Sketch v. 55, Spring 1990

Sketch v. 55, Spring 1990


Sketch v. 55, Spring 1990


Sketch is a literary journal written, edited and published by Iowa State University students since 1934.
The Cage Linda Morganstein 10;
Stop Crying Linda Morganstein 13;
Yardbird Vida Cross 16;
Anna Rose Terry Rasmussen 22;
Guadalajara - Orozco's Last Portrait Terry Rasmussen 24;
Cajun Cream Terry Rasumssen 26;
The Process of Melting Tammy J. Pearson-Vanderbroek 28;
where the sun spins dry Ellen Satrom 50;
Visit to Cherenki Village, Tanzania Ellen Satrom 51;
Belladonna Ellen Satrom 52;
Women from Atu Ellen Satrom 53;
Calendar Strings Paul Brooke 65;
Fine Amy Mooney 77;
My Brother and I Can Spend Forever Doing Nothing Amy Mooney 80;
Sigh. Amy Mooney 81;
Tokens: From the Caves at Sao Paolo Karen Piconi 90;
Black Congregation Jo Bartruff 92;
Australia JuliAnne Karlson 93;
Sometimes... Tracy Montenguise 94;
Little Vultures J. D. Larson 95;
Behind the Bench Jollie Sasseville 101;
To My Friend Waiting Tables At The Quicksilver Club Jollie Sasseville 102;
Mrs. Magdeline Denise Dreyer 121;
The Dry Spell Denise Dreyer 122;
After the Hospital Richard Solly 154;
The Blossom and the Coffin Richard Solly 155;
A Fairy Tale Richard Solly 158;
Love Stories (a Trilogy) Steve Snyder 2;
Young Lust Richard Davidson 29;
Gardening Paul Hanstadt 48;
Pearl Street Linda Morganstein 56;
The Drought Connie Baron 84;
Keeping Up With the Lord Kathy Lewandowski 97;
Cats Will Be Cats Elizabeth Birmingham 149;
Memories of Eden Christopher Snethen 17;
The Satin Hood Steve Snyder 124;
Choices Jennifer Humphrey 34;
Interview with Russell Banks and Chase Twichell 104;
Self Doug Meythaler cover;
Giotto Via Barbarian View J. D. Larson 1;
Mutated Michelangelo Paula McArthur 9;
Physics - Light and Dark Study Cindy Gould 15;
Glowing Geomorphic Lara Cherry 21;
Untitled Doug Meythaler 27;
Dread Hierach Thomas McInereny 33;
Love John Stanford 47;
Moonscape I Mark Woodall 49;
That Season Again Brian Quinlan 54;
Pop Goes the World Brian Quinlan 55;
Stress Relief Netha Pike 64;
Technology Mike Chang 75;
We Belong Together Amy Mangrich 76;
Granny Kevin Scott 83;
Scenery I M. D. Ashland 96;
Nine by Twelve Eric Johnson 120;
Untitled Chris Oldt 123;
The Last Judgment Jeanne Darda 148;
Untitled Number 1 Michel Buckley 153;
Afternoon Crucifixion Alice Wagner 160;
The Reach Alice Wagner 161


Ashland, M.D.; Baron, Connie; Bartruff, Jo; Birmingham, Elizabeth; Brooke, Paul; Buckley, Michel; Chang, Mike; Cherry, Lara; Cross, Vida; Darda, Jeanne; Davidson, Richard; Dreyer, Denise; Gould, Cindy; Hanstadt, Paul; Humphrey, Jennifer; Johnson, Eric; Karlson, JuliAnne; Larson, J.D.; Lewandowski, Kathy; Mangrich, Amy; McArthur, Paula; McInereny, Thomas; Meythaler, Doug; Montenguise, Tracy; Mooney, Amy; Morganstein, Linda; Oldt, Chris; Pearson-Vanderbroek, Tammy J.; Piconi, Karen; Pike, Netha; Quinlan, Brian; Rasmussen, Terry; Sasseville, Jollie; Satrom, Ellen; Scott, Kevin; Snethen, Chrisopher; Snyder, Steve; Solly, Richard; Stanford, John; Wagner, Alice; Woodall, Mark


LH1 Sk3 v. 55


Iowa State University Library Special Collections;


1990 Spring


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