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004_Administrative Staff


004_Administrative Staff


This is a page from the collection "Bicentennial Reflections: History of Des Moines Public Schools, 1876-1976" by Dr. Robert R. Denny, published by the Des Moines Public Schools in Des Moines, Iowa in 1976.



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Dr. Dwight M. Davis Superintendent Dr. Robert R. Denny Assistant Superintendent Education Mr. Gerald Robinson Assistant Superintendent Administrative Services Mr. Lester Gabel Executive Director Personnel Dr. Donald Wetter Executive Director Secondary Education Dr. James Bowman Executive Director Elementary Educatior Seated: Mr. James Cunningham. Mr. Nolden Gentry, President George G. Caudill, Superintendent Dwight M. Davis. Back Row: Mr. Merle F. Schlampp, Mrs. Jack Spevak, Dr. John E. McCaw, Dr. Ora Neffenegger, Mrs. Betty Grundberg. Mr. Donald L. Ferguson, Executive Director Plant and Transportation; Dr. Merle Wilson, Director Pupil Services; Dr. E. Keith Hyde, Director Planning and Development; Dr. Morris D. Wilson, Director Evaluation; Mr. Wesley Chapman, Director Intercultural Affairs; Mr. Robert D. Baldwin, Director School-Community Relations