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021_Letter from John McGregor to Keyes


021_Letter from John McGregor to Keyes


John McGregor from New York sent Charles Keyes a letter thanking him for sending the delicious corn as a treat.


McGregor, John




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John Kelley McGregor 50 Haven Avenue New York, New York September 24, 1943 Dear Mr. Keyes, Here it is three weeks since my return, but the memory of the golden bantam lingers on. I recently purchased some sweet corn at the cafeteria and the contrast was shocking. Iowa corn, be it three to ten days old could not have the toughness or lack of flavor that its New York cousin posesses. I suggest that you patent that wrapping method. It worked beautifully and we all relished the treat. Perhaps my Dad told you of the near failure of the experiment. Terry's sister forgot to pay a bill and the gas was shut off. Only a speedy trip to some friends on Long Island saved the day I get a strong longing to be back there at Cornell to see the new year begin and the autumn come. There is some powerful medicine in that spot that makes those who really get a taste of it want to return. My work here is certainly interesting enough, but the pile of stone that makes New York somehow lacks a human warmth. I trust it won't be too long before we have another dish of ice cream on a platter of corn cooked on the home
ground. Good health and best wishes to you and Mrs. Keyes. And again, thank you for the delicious treat. Sincerely, John