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023_Kidd Letter to Keyes


023_Kidd Letter to Keyes


This is a letter from James V. Kidd, a former German student of Keyes at Cornell College.


Kidd, James V.




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Seattle 6 Wn.April 25, 1948. Dear Mr. Keyes It was a pleasure indeed to hear from you a few weeks ago, and I must congratulate you on your memory. With so many hundreds of students having gone through Cornell since I last saw the old college, not to mention the many years that have passed, it hardly seems likely you would remember a very ordinary student of forty years ago. However I have always felt a little pride in the fact that I generally managed to get an A in German, even though it may have been due partly to the generosity of the head of German department. As a matter of fact more of what I learned in your classes has remained with me through the years than most of the other subjects in college. After many years of business life, I feel that the study of languages has been of more practical benefit than anything in the college course. We have never been east but once since coming to the northwest and that time did not take us through Mt. Vernon. It is still a fond hope that I shall have the chance to visit the old campus, even though I may have to wait until I retire which is approaching pretty fast. I realize Cornell will look very different from the old college I knew, but I doubt its any better except for plant improvements. I read the alumni bulletins with much interest, and enjoyed very much meeting Dr. Cole and Orville Rennie on their visit here a of couple months ago. Although there are several of us Cornellians in Seattle who were in college at the same time, we don't see each other very often. The complexities of life in a big city is not so desirable as it seems to youthful eyes and sometimes I wish I could live in a small place, although in defense of this very attractive city of Seattle, I can say it has more in its favor than any other place I have been. It will be nice to see you again as I hope I shall when I make that long-planned trip to Iowa. In the meantime I hope you will enjoy the best of health, and get a lot of pleasure out of well earned leisure. Sincerely, James V. Kidd '09