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007_Historical Building on Capitol grounds


007_Historical Building on Capitol grounds


In 1896, the Iowa Legislature passed a law providing for the erection of a "Memorial, Historical and Art Building". The law provided for the purchase of property adjacent to the Capitol building and grounds for the purpose of construction and for the procurement of suitable plans, detailed drawings, and specifications for a fire-proof building on the chosen site. It would be used for the accommodation and preservation of the historical and art collections, library and museum of the historical department now owned by the state. ("The Law for the Memorial Building", ANNALS OF IOWA, v.II, No. 6, third series, July 1896, p. 477. On Tuesday, March 29, 1904, the Senate passed the House bill appropriating $200, 000 for the completion of the Historical Building, the corner-stone of which was laid May 17, 1899. The measure was introduced in the House by Hon. Emory H. English, of Polk county, and in the Senate by Hon. C.J.A. Ericson, of Boone county. ("The Historical Building Assured", ANNALS OF IOWA, v.VI, no. 5, April 1904, p. 385.




Circa 1913


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Des Moines, Iowa Capitol Complex area around 1913. The horse and carriage are on the south side of Grand Avenue, north and east of the Capitol Building.