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019_Junky Area South of the CapitolComplex


019_Junky Area South of the CapitolComplex


The State of Iowa erected this monument, funded partially by refunded war taxes, commemorates the Iowans who fought during the Civil War. The monument was approved in 1888, the cornerstone was laid in 1894, and the structure was completed two years later. Because a controversy developed over the location and artistic details of the monument, nearly 50 years passed before its dedication in 1945.This was the first real monument on the Capitol grounds. It was designed by Harriet Ketchum of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa and they began building it in 1893. Unfortunately Mrs. Ketchum never lived to see it finished. It wasn't finished until 1897 and she died in 1894. The old brick capitol formerly stood on this site. The land for it was donated by Wilson Anderson Scott who is buried behind the Judiciary Building to the south of this monument. Iowa artist Harriet A. Ketcham's design for the memorial was chosen over 47 others, although she died before the monument was completed.




Circa 1913


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Des Moines, Iowa Capitol Complex area around 1913. There are the remains of a demolished building in the foreground.