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"E. E. Department pioneers with television station W9XK," March 1933
"Electronic television with W9XUI," January 1946
"Stop! Look! Listen!" December 5, 1935
"SUI - pioneer in television," January 15, 1939
"SUI to broadcast more detailed pictures," July 25, 1940
"Teaching by television," April 1935
"Television, broadcasting station" manuscript by Raymond Rooney, participant in Federal Writers' Project, written June 25, 1936
"Television: as in radio work, S.U.I. is pioneer in this vast new field," March 28, 1940
"The new W9XK television transmitter," January 1934
"W9XK sends out sight on 2 wave bands;" "New television device produced at university," May 16, 1935 and January 19, 1939
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