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Curtiss Hall viewed from central campus with bicycles and a fence in front and students sitting under trees
Curtiss Hall viewed through large trees on the southwest as students pass by on the sidewalk to the Campanile
Curtiss Hall entrance columns surrounded by trees, viewed from the southwest
Two men in coats passing between the snow-covered bases of the columns as they leave Curtiss Hall
Curtiss Hall northwest corner with five large trees
Curtiss Hall front (west) façade, viewed from the southwest side of central campus
Curtiss Hall front (west) façade, viewed from central campus, with students under the tree
Curtiss Hall front (west) façade, viewed from the southwest, from a dirt path leading to the Campanile
Curtiss Hall, front (west) façade viewed from the northwest, with leaves on the ground
Curtiss Hall, west and north elevations viewed through trees on the northwest
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