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Alumni being served coffee and donuts at Homecoming, 1968
Alumni heading for the Homecoming reception in the State Gym, 1968
Nancy Chase, Homecoming Queen, under the campanile,1968
Nancy Chase, Homecoming Queen, 1968
Cyke Out the Pig's Kin Homecoming lawn display by Chamberlain House and Cook House, 1968
Toss the J-Hawks Homecoming lawn display by Haber House and Lawther House, 1968
Homecoming lawn display of Lay 'Em and Pluck 'Em, 1968
Spirit of '68 Homecoming monument built by Delta Chi and Alpha Gamma Delta, 1968
Stevenson House homecoming lawn display of Now is the Hour to Beat the Jayhawks, 1958
Cy's Political Machine, Friant House Homecoming lawn display, 1968
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