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1996 - Six attendees at the 50th anniversary open house of the Des Moines County Soil and Water Conservation District
1996 - Violet Locke, Bruce Trautman, Terri Johnson, and Charles Nealey at open house
1996 - Violet Locke, Janie Fair and Frank Hedges at 50th anniversary open house
1995 - Rob Mohr receives scholarship
1996 - Tiffanie Huson wins  Scholarship
1996 - Andrew Carhoff - Conservation Scholarship winner
1997 - Winner of the Iowa Soil Conservation Awards Program<br />
Division III - Randall Reeser
1997 -  Trent Kuntz-  Soil and Water Conservation District Scholarship winner.
1997  - Dwight and J.D. Strucker - Soil conservation winners
Ross Copeland is Scholarship Recipient
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