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Earl O. Heady standing behind a lectern
Earl O. Heady standing in front of a tractor at Kibbutz Na'an, Israel, 1983
Earl O. Heady viewing a large chart of numbers on a wall in Hungary, 1979
Earl O. Heady viewing research  equipment in Hungary, 1979
Earl O. Heady with an officer of Ministry of Agriculture, Office of Agricultural Economics, in Bangkok, Thailand, 1983
Earl O. Heady with collaborators before banquet for the Indonesian Project Contract
Earl O. Heady with farm machinery at Kibbutz Na'an, Israel, 1983.
Earl O. Heady with group receiving faculty citations during Alumni Days, 1977
Earl O. Heady with his awards, August 1983
Earl O. Heady with items from his Polish honorary doctoral degree, 1979
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