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Professor Benjamin Willis instructing three cadettes in the Electrical Engineering Power Laboratory, 1943
A cadette working in  a drafting class,  1943
Professor Glenn Murphy illustrates aspects of airplane flight analysis to a class of Curtiss Wright Cadettes, 1943
Two cadettes examining a cone-shaped part on the side of a plane, 1943
Professor Les Kelso instructing two cadettes about an airplane engine, 1943
Professor Les Kelso describing the propulsion system of a small airplane to three cadettes, 1943
Betty Belle Gardner is holding a model transport plane to be placed in the wind tunnel in the Aeronautical Engineering Laboratory, 1943
Two cadettes welding metal parts together, 1943
Two cadettes welding parts of the tail of a wrecked plane, 1943
Two cadettes practice using  a pneumatic riveter , 1943
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