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1999 - District Conservationist J.B. Martin and his<br />
daughter, Jaria,  sit in his office
1998 -  District Conservationist J.B. Martin who has worked in Des Moines County since April 1997
1990 - Darrell Belzer, Earth Team Volunteer in the Soil Conservation Service office in Burlington, Iowa
2000 - NRCS Soil Conservationist  Deb Nace works in her office
2000 - Coop employee Chris Hogge works in the office
2007 - Capitol Day
2005 - NRCS Soil Conservationist TJ Mathis and District Employee Dale Schmeiser sit at a table
The Riemenschneider Family in America 1868-1976
The Reimenschneider Family in Germany 1598 to 1868
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