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War, Civil Conflicts (2/2)

Iowa State University Civil War Diaries Collection

Contributor: Iowa State University Library, Special Collections Department

Civil War -This is a collection of Civil War diaries and letters written by Iowa soldiers and other Iowans who lived through this time.



Teacher and Student

Pella World War II Naval Flight School

Contributor: Central College, Pella, Iowa

In the spring of 1942, the Navy approved Central College as a host for its program to train Navy Air Cadets in conjunction with Central’s pre-existing Collegiate Flight Training Program. As in World War I, the campus became inundated with young soliders who used the grounds for morning drill. Graham Hall was used to house the cadets, meaning other accommodations were needed for the women students. It was at this point that Central’s cottage system was developed. Firth, Menning, Druscilla Stoddard, Jennie Kuyper and Aschenbrenner cottages were purchased from residents owning homes surrounding Central to house women students until the air cadets left campus in the fall of 1944.

World War II Iowa Press Clippings Collection

ContributorsState Historical Society of Iowa

During World War II the State Historical Society of Iowa staff collected, sorted, and filed about 800,000 Iowa newspaper clippings documenting Iowa's war efforts both at home and on foreign soil. More than 30 topics are covered by the clippings, including business and labor, casualties, education and training, farming and food, production and rationing, public health, life and activities, women's military activities, prisoners of war, and warships. The original clippings are closed to the public due to their deteriorating condition. Several of the topics are now available through ILL or purchase. A portion is being digitized and added to this database.