Alumni Hall's ""Let's Bury the Buffs"" lawn display, Homecoming, 1954

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Alumni Hall's ""Let's Bury the Buffs"" lawn display, Homecoming, 1954


Iowa State University; Homecoming; Lawn display


""Let's Bury the Buffs"" is the theme of the Alumni Hall's display, a second place winner in the men's residences category. At the center of Homecoming Hill Cemetery is a grave marker that reads, ""1954 Here lies Colorado."" The grave stone to the left reads, ""1953 Missouri passes on 13-7.""

Alumni first began returning to Iowa State for an official Homecoming in 1912. Since then, the celebration continues to entertain both young and old Iowa Staters, with traditional events, including tailgate parties, fireworks, lawn displays, ""Yell Like Hell"" cheering competition, and mass campaniling. Currently, the Student Alumni Association Leadership Council coordinates the efforts of hundreds of students, who volunteer their time to help Story County Habitat for Humanity build a house.


Dean, Iowa State University


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