National American Woman Suffrage Association 27th Annual Meeting Ribbon

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National American Woman Suffrage Association 27th Annual Meeting Ribbon


United States; Suffrage; Women's rights; Atlanta, Georgia


Gold colored ribbon with "XXVII Annual Convention of the; National American WOMAN SUFFRAGE ASSOCIATION, ATLANTA, GA. Jan. 31st-Feb. 5th, 1895" inscribed in black. The ribbon also includes two images; the top is of three columns representing wisdom, justice, and moderation upholding an arch representing the Constitution. The bottom image is similar to the first except the wisdom column has fallen to the ground. There is fraying at top and bottom of the ribbon.

Carrie Lane Chapman Catt (1859-1947) was a suffragist, early feminist, political activist, and Iowa Agricultural College (Iowa State University) alumna (1880). She was president (1900-1904 and 1915-1920) of the National American Woman Suffrage Association. She also formed and was president (1904-1923) of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance. In 1920, she helped found the League of Women Voters.


National American Woman Suffrage Association



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