40. Caleb Russell and Sallie A. Fenton to Lincoln expressing Iowa Society of Friends' support for Emancipation Proclamation

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40. Caleb Russell and Sallie A. Fenton to Lincoln expressing Iowa Society of Friends' support for Emancipation Proclamation


Society of Friends -- Iowa; Emancipation proclamation


Letter from Caleb Russell and Sallie A. Fenton of the Religious Society of Friends (Henry County, Iowa) to Abraham Lincoln expressing the Society's support of the Emancipation Proclamation, their hope that the President will seek God's counsel and, in an allusion to a Biblical story (Exodus 17: 8-16), their willingness to help support Lincoln himself in his actions. December 27, 1862. While Lincoln had announced the Emancipation Proclamation on September 22, 1862, its provisions were controversial at the time and were not to take effect until January 1, 1863. Letter delivered to the President by Iowa Senator James Harlan. Copy.




Becki Plunkett and Stephen Vincent


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Correspondence between the Society of Friends and the President To Abraham Lincoln[,] President of the U.S. Esteemed Friend[,] On behalf of the Religious Society of Friends in the state of Iowa whom we represent we desire briefly to express to thee the very deep solicitude we feel that in the present perilous condition of the nations life. Thou mayest [?] be favoured to ask counsel of Him, who holdeth the destinies of nations in his hands. We desire to express our united approval of thy late Proclamation of prospective Emancipation. We believe it intrinsically right, and in the direction to bring about a permanent peace in our beloved Country and we hope it may be carried out uncompromisingly. At this very late period we can do but very little more than bear our testimony in favour of Justice and Liberty, and like Aaron and Hur of old would gladly hold up thy hands as they did the hands of Moses. In Christian love we subscribe ourselves thy friends[.] Signed by Prairie Grove Monthly Meeting[,] Henry Co. Iowa 12 mo 27 [December 27], 1862 Caleb Russell Sallie A[.] Fenton[,] clerks