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25. Lincoln to Wait Talcott indicating appointment for Talcott


25. Lincoln to Wait Talcott indicating appointment for Talcott


Letter from Abraham Lincoln to Wait Talcott indicating the President's intention to appoint Talcott a tax collector for the United States Department of Treasury in Illinois, and requesting good conduct toward Elihu Washburne. August 27, 1862. Talcott, a Rockford, Illinois merchant, had employed Lincoln as a lawyer in a prominent 1854 lawsuit. Washburne, a Galena, Illinois attorney active in Illinois Whig and Republican politics during the 1840s and 1850s, had played an important national role in Lincoln's presidential election campaign . Autograph Letter Signed.




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Executive Mansion, Washington Aug. 27, 1862 Hon. Wait Talcott My dear Sir[,] I have determined to appoint you collector. I now have a very special request to make of you, which is that you will make no war upon Mr. Washburn, who is also my friend of longer standing than yourself. I shall oblige if you can do something for him if occasion presents. Yours truly[,] A Lincoln