Flower beds

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Flower beds




(front) Flower Beds-Union Park, Des Moines, IA. (back) Published by Kwin & Co. Chicago, U.S.A.

Flowerbeds of different shapes and sizes surround a white building, small windmill, and silo.

Correspondence: Des Moines Ia July 15-08 / Dear Vera: I wish you / could be here to see / what I have seen / This is one of the scenes / I hope every one is well / I wish you would / have mother have / my mail sent to me / as I forgot. She has / the address and tell / her to send everything / but the papers and I / will be much obliged / your Maria Address: Miss Vera Hitchcock / 306 2nd Ave / Red Oak Ia-


ca. 1908


The postcards in this collection were printed and posted before 1923. The Des Moines Public Library has determined, to the best of its knowledge, that this postcard and its text is in the public domain.

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