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First Methodist Church




(front) First Methodist Church, Des Moines, Iowa. P-23508 (back) Logo "PSC" Superior Quality

Front view of Methodist Church, four columns at the top of staircase, orange dome with cross on top.

Correspondence: well that’s (sic) all for this time. / Address 1503 High Street. / Your granddaughter Addie / Dear Grandpa & grandma / well I suppose you / thought I wasn't going / to answer your letter / didn't you? Well I am / anyway. How are all / of you folks we are both O.K. we are still / rooming but not at the / same place. We have / bought a lot out in Highland / Park and are going to / build a little bungolow (sic) / as soon as it gets a little / warmer. Won't that be / dandy. I'll be contented / to room till then wouldn't you? Address: Mrs. D.J. States, / Altoona / Iowa


ca. 1914


The postcards in this collection were printed and posted before 1923. The Des Moines Public Library has determined, to the best of its knowledge, that this postcard and its text is in the public domain.

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