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Greetings From Well, here I am in Des Moines, Iowa. Enjoying it's (sic) Sights and Cheer, Everything's great, and I'm feeling first rate, But Oh!, how I wish you were here.

"Greetings" printed in large red and gold letters with a rope winding around the letters. The rope is attached to a gold anchor by the letter "G," and wraps around a gold and blue life preserver and a red and gold ships wheel. There is a scene depicting a port town with a large ship near the dock. Large crowds of people are on the ship as well as on land. There are four American flags on the ship, and one on a building in the background.

Correspondence: Hello, I have more / time than anything else / just now so thot (sic) I'd / send a card. / I'm on my way to Indianola / Love fondly your friend / L.J.M. Address: Miss Lee E. Campbell / Panora / Iowa.


ca. 1909


The postcards in this collection were printed and posted before 1923. The Des Moines Public Library has determined, to the best of its knowledge, that this postcard and its text is in the public domain.

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