Supersisters trading cards, 1979

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Supersisters trading cards, 1979


Women; Activists; Politicians; Athletes; Actresses; Journalists; Authors; Rabbis; Business people; Portraits

Smith, Mary Louise; Abzug, Bella S., 1920-1998; Alexander, Jane, 1939-; Bird, Caroline, 1915-; Boglioli, Wendy; Callier, Debbie Gary; Carr, Ann; Carr, Catherine; Casals, Rosemary, 1948-; Cassello, Jackie; Chaffee, Suzy; Ching, Laura Lee; Chisholm, Shirley, 1924-2005; Cochran, Barbara Ann; Cochran, Lindy; Dee, Ruby; Dickerson, Nancy (Nancy Hanschman); Dunn, Natalie, 1956-; Dwyer, Doriot Anthony; Franks, Lucinda; Gorman, Miki; Gould, Lois; Graham, Katharine, 1917-2001; Guthrie, Janet, 1938-; Hamilton, Virginia, 1936-2002; Harris, Julie; Hayes, Helen, 1900-1993; Hills, Carla Anderson, 1934-; Hufstedler, Shirley M.; Johnson, Kathy; Kumin, Maxine, 1925-; Lewis, Shari; Manzano, Sonia; Rigby, Cathy, 1952-; Mead, Margaret, 1901-1978; Meyner, Helen Stevenson, 1929-; Mikulski, Barbara; Monk, Meredith; Morgan, Robin; Nelson, Cindy, 1955-; Oakar, Mary Rose; Parks, Rosa, 1913-2005; Pauley, Jane, 1950-; Peterson, Elly; Pfeiffer, Jane Cahill; Pogrebin, Letty Cottin; Priesand, Sally; Procter, Barbara Gardner; Quinn, Jane Bryant; Reddy, Helen; Reynolds, Malvina; Sainte-Marie, Buffy; Salvage, Lynn D.; Schroeder, Pat; Schwandt, Rhonda; Shange, Ntozake; Smeal, Eleanor; Smith, Margaret Chase, 1897-1995; Smith, Melanie; Spellman, Gladys Noon; Steinem, Gloria; Sullivan, Leonor K.; Switzer, Kathrine; Thomas, Helen, 1920-; Thomas, Marlo; Tiburzi, Bonnie; Trahey, Jane; Turnbull, Wendy; Uggams, Leslie; Weddington, Sarah Ragle; Weill, Claudia; Winikow, Linda

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