Henry A. Wallace correspondence [reel 67], 1934-1965

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Henry A. Wallace correspondence [reel 67], 1934-1965



Vice presidents; Politics & government

Wallace, Henry Agard, 1888-1965

1930-1940; 1940-1950; 1950-1960; 1960-1970


Includes several manuscripts of several pages each, by Henry A. Wallace, in his handwriting, and with titles supplied by him. Documents by Henry A. Wallace and others include: "Abstract of Conversation with Mr. John Maynard Keynes," 1936, statements on the Board of Economic Warfare and the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, June-July, 1943, a list of Wallace delegates, Aug. 11, 1944, "Miscellaneous Recollections of the Interment Train, Apr. 14-15, 1945" (Roosevelt funeral), cabinet meeting papers, Aug.-Sept., 1945, "Korea, Trygvie Lie and the Progressive Party from July 6 to 12, 1950", personnel information on certain former USDA attorneys, economists, and others, 1951, "The Last [Truman] Cabinet Dinner, Dec. 4, 1952, "The End of an Era", Henry A. Wallace's notes on private meeting with Ezra Taft Benson, discussion with Marquis Childs, and Gridiron Dinner, Washington, D.C., Dec. 8, 1956, Henry A. Wallace's notes on Truman Committee 21st Anniversary Dinner, Feb. 13, 1962, "Truman's 80th Birthday Celebration, May 8" (Truman Committee, 23rd Anniversary Dinner, 1964), and "Amateur Growing of Strawberries from Seed", (1965?).


Wallace, Henry Agard, 1888-1965;


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